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What is the Best Collectible from the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers?

brooklyn dodgers ring

1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Ring!  Buy it now!

Victor Moreno, Memorabilia Expert thinks this is one of the best collectibles a true Brooklyn fan can collect!  1955 serves as an everlasting monument to Brooklyn Dodger glory. So many assaults to reach the summit; so many dreams dashed by the despised Yankees. In that magic October tilt of ’55, though, the cruel hand of fate found not the face of the Dodgers. Instead, by tenacious determination (and perhaps a benevolent zephyr of sympathy), da Bums struck down the Yankees in seven games.

Forthwith, the Ebbets bean counters fulfilled their obligatory order of World Series rings, to be dispensed to the deserving celebrants. This they consummated with the then quite prominent jewelry maker, Dieges & Clust. Very infrequently, one of the original rings will appear in our industry, but most collectors (fortunate in their own right) must content themselves with a salesman’s sample. brooklyn dodgers ring

This ring in particular is different as it was made from the original dies of the 1955 World Series ring. It was made as a prototype to sell to the Dodgers for the 50th Anniversary of the World Series Championship in 2005. The Dodgers thought the rings were too expensive so the order was never made. This is the only in existence.

It is made from 10K White Gold. A polished blue transparent stone supports a large synthetic stone on the crown, and the perimeter proudly announces “Brooklyn World Champions.” The shanks are beautifully stylized – the right projecting a convex globe with the Dodger scripted logo ensconced thereon. It’s dated “1955” on this shank and states “First” [world championship] as well. The other shank bears the likeness of a baseball (complete with red stitching) upon which we find Jackie Robinson’s simulated autograph. Crossed bats in relief then embellish the franchise’s classic “B” logo. The ring is fitted to size 10-1/4, and that size hasn’t been jeweler-modified. Inside the band, we discover “10K” and “.” This manufacturing identity, “HK” who was the follow up company to take over D&C is also defined with the hallmark engraving.

Also included is a Louisville Slugger bat that was made as a prototype to commemorate the 50th Anniversary event. It features unique branding on the barrel specific to the Boston vs. Brooklyn. The bat also is one-of-a-kind as the Dodgers rejected this option as well.  Uniquely, they spelled Dodgers wrong which might have contributed to a no-go on the contract. What makes this highly collectible is the sourcing. This originated directly from a Balfour representative.

Authentication: Includes paperwork from the Balfour representative.


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