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Who Are the Memorabilia Experts?

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There are some amazing experts in this world of collectibles.  Not every person can know everything about all things.  That’s why we use some of the best names in the business. Victor Moreno Memorabilia Expert,  Bob Case Memorabilia expert, Dennis Esken, Nick Coppola, Willie Steinmiller, Joesph Quatato, and Kieta to name a few.  But there are so many others that we use to verify authentication on game used jerseys and fine collectibles. meet teh expert

Predicting what’s going to be hot is another niche the Expert needs to have a feel for. You look up right now at the hobby, and Babe Ruth and Thurman Munson are two of the hottest names in collecting. How can that be? The Babe hasn’t played in 70 years, and it’s about 30 for Munson. You just can’t predict the vintage hot markets but the expert can have a sense of what is going to sell.

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