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Why Is This the Rarest Beatles Photo Ever Signed?

Beatles Signed 8x10, beatles signed photo

john lennon autograph Offered is the Rarest Beatles Signed Photo.  Bid Now! Beatles prices have sky rocketed consistently for the last ten years.  Although the fan base of boomers, are aging, the sound of the Beatles, has been able to cross over to other generations.  The Beatles phenomena has transcended time.  They have transcended time like the other celebrity icons from this time period James Dean, Marlon Brando, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn, Elvis and the Beatles.

This era captured a time that Hollywood will never see again.  I think that the raw talent, the drama, the sadness, the heartache and the extreme success of each of these stars made them untouchable.  Each of their lives, bittersweet.  o

Beatles autographs have been seen on 8×10’s before.  Yes! These photos bring in $25,000 and up.  Although such autographs are rare, the Memorabilia Expert, Victor Moreno, believes that this 8×10 is the rarest find amongst Beatles autographs.  Why?  These are the reason both Memorabilia Experts, Victor Moreno and Kieta believe it to the be the rarest of them all! rarest beatles signatures

First, we have the exact place and time where the Fab Four graced their autographs on this photo, August 27th, 1965.  So this provenance alone adds extra value.

Second, this was signed in the presence of the King of Rock -n- Roll, Elvis Presely!  Absolutely unheard of that these two Iconic Figures come together and birthed from this meeting is the this signed photo.  What!  and it has been preserved for all these years!  Wow!

“The Beatles arrived they just sat and starred in awe at Elvis before The King broke the ice. He said, ‘”If you guys are just going to sit around and stare at me, I’m going to bed.’ I didn’t mean this to be the subjects coming to see The King. I thought we’d talk and then maybe jam some.” The group did get to “jam” for a bit with Elvis showing off his base skills.”

Third, the signatures were secured by Marty Lacker who was there that evening. Lacker was a close friend and confidant of Elvis for 20+ years. Hence why there is also a salutation on the photo, “To Marty Best Wishes – From The Beatles”. Lacker was Presley’s Chief personal aide and co-best man at his wedding to Priscilla.





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