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Best Muhammad Ali Collectibles Sold At Sports Auction

Let me introduce some of the best Ali collectibles offered.   Check me out at More ACCESS. It was late 1963, and Cassius Clay was Sonny Liston’s top contender for the title. The first bout between the two was held February, 25, 1964. Clay won that first match-up making his famous, “I’m the greatest” speech afterwards.…

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Bid, Buy or Make Offer-It’s New! has added it’s newest addition to it’s on-line presence with its launch of Memorabilia.Expert. Yes, Thursday’s are still Auction Night and we are hosting the first auction this Thursday, August 27th at 8pm, PST. Memorabilia.Expert is a mobile friendly marketplace where buyers have an opportunity to make offers, bid or buy collectibles instantly. In addition, it has an easier…

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NBA Equipment Manager-Joey Qatato

We use two equipment managers who have or are currently working with the NBA.  These sources have extensive knowledge of the game worn jerseys, shoes and equipment.  One who has worked with the Knicks and the other with the Celtics.  Joe Quatato has over 30 years in the NBA handling equipment for the Three Time…

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Tips on Buying Celebrity Memorabilia

Tips On Buying Celebrity Memorabilia Our Memorabilia Experts are here to guide you on your journey of collecting.  Ask us! We all have our favorite film or television series that we never get tired of watching. There is something special about films made in Hollywood that fascinates and intrigues us as viewers. There have been…

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Comprehensive Guide To Collecting Memorabilia: Sport Memorabilia

Our Memorabilia Experts will help guide you on your journey of collecting.  Before delving into the specifics of purchasing and collecting sports memorabilia, you should become familiar with the definition of the term. Photos, trading cards, jerseys, helmets, balls, bats, or related sports equipment that have been signed by an athlete are considered sports memorabilia…

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Mayor Oscar Goodman, Memorabilia, and March Madness

Mayor Oscar Goodman shasayed into Westgate Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, to check out March Madness.  Westgate, the best sportsbook in Vegas, hosts all the games in their massive Theatre.  you won’t miss a game because they play them all.  Memorabilia rocks outside the theatre with BidAMI, the Memorabilia Experts, Kieta and Victor.  It’s…

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