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Babe Ruth Autographs and Babe Ruth Appraisals

Babe Ruth was a professional baseball player who plied his trade in Major League Baseball for over two decades. An illustrious career led to him being inducted in the baseball hall of fame as one of five inaugural members. While he was also called “The Bambino” and the “Sultan of Swat”, his real moniker was…

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How Rare Is a Signed Eric Clapton Guitar?

eric clapton guitar

Victor Moreno, Memorabilia Expert states “It’s incredibly rare!”  Buy it now! Eric Clapton Signed, Dated Guitar – American Stratocaster LE Clapton Model JSA Full LOA In the early 1960’s, Eric Clapton picked up the nick name “Slowhand” from the expression “slow-hand clapping.” During his forty plus year career he played with great bands like blues…

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Who Are the Memorabilia Experts?

sports memorabilia experts sports auction

There are some amazing experts in this world of collectibles.  Not every person can know everything about all things.  That’s why we use some of the best names in the business. Victor Moreno Memorabilia Expert,  Bob Case Memorabilia expert, Dennis Esken, Nick Coppola, Willie Steinmiller, Joesph Quatato, and Kieta to name a few.  But there…

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